Number of adult videos will grow to 193 bn by 2020

The number of adult videos watched will grow from 136 billion in 2015 to 193 billion by 2020, said Juniper Research.

Each smartphone user of adult content is expected to watch an average of 348 videos this year.

Video views will grow 55 percent by 2020.

There will be an increase in usage levels in developing markets. Net growth in adult videos will be greatest in the US, with other mature markets – such as Western Europe, seeing a more modest increase.

In developing regions, adult videos service uptake will be rapid, driven by increasing availability of 4G and Wi-Fi, as well as increases in smartphone and tablet.
Adult video traffic
Revenue growth from adult videos will be steady over the next five years. Niches such as videochat and web cam offerings will outperform the overall adult videos sector. Content providers are monetizing such services on a subscription rather than pay per view basis. A significant proportion of users preferred to revisit the same hostess as a rationale underpinning this trend.

In both developed and developing markets, the number of mobile subscriptions for adult videos will increase. Subscription revenues would begin to decline by 2020 due to the continued prevalence and accessibility of free content.

Adult SMS will continue see a severe decline in revenues, with the majority of usage occurring in the Indian Subcontinent.
Adult video content delivered as augmented reality will see growth across the period, although usage will remain the preserve of a niche user base.

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