Ooyala releases mobile video trends

Mobile devices account for 42 percent of all online video viewing during the first quarter of 2015, according to Global Video Index prepared by Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary.

Smartphones are driving the majority of mobile video viewing growth, receiving four times more plays than tablets. TV broadcasters, compared to publishers and brands, lead the trend with more than half of all views on mobile devices. Video advertising is also shifting from PCs to mobile devices, the report said.

In Q1 2015, plays on tablets and smartphones together increased more than 24 percent, 100 percent since Q1 2014 and a 367 percent increase over the past two years.

When an ad starts on a tablet for broadcasters the viewer completes the ad 89 percent of the time, while smartphone users complete ads 79 percent of the time. TV broadcasters saw 53 percent of their content plays on mobile devices against 31 percent for publishers and for brands.
mobile video
“Our data is indicative of the rapid pace of change in consumer viewing behavior, which creates new challenges and opportunities for content producers, service providers, and advertisers,” said Jay Fulcher, chief executive officer of Ooyala.

Content from broadcasters played more than 53 percent of the time on mobile devices compared to 47 percent on PCs.
Mobile plays outpaced tablet plays by more than four to one, with 34 percent of all plays occurring on smartphones and only 8 percent on tablets.

89 percent of all ads started on tablets and PCs for broadcasters are completed, with 79 percent for mobile devices.
Publishers saw slightly lower completion rates: 73 percent for PC, 71 percent for mobile and 67 percent for tablets.
PCs continue to have the highest ad fill rates for publishers (77 percent) and broadcasters (64 percent).

Ooyala captures 3.5 billion analytics events each day. It ingested and transcoded over 100 million minutes of video in 2014. That content was delivered to over 220 million unique users around the world. It managed inventory for 30 billion video ad impressions, and delivered over 11 billion ads in 2014.

Baburajan K
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