Outlook for GIS in telecom and emerging trends

GIS for telecom
The geographic information system (GIS) market in telecom sector, is expected to reach USD 1.57 million by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 10.79 percent during the forecast period, says Technavio research on market outlook from 2016-2020.

The GIS used for analyzing market based on revenue generation and customer demographics and gaining business intelligence by analyzing patterns and data about customers, is also applied for the planning process to compare capital investment and revenue generation in a particular area.

It is also used for real-time monitoring and determining expansion capacity of a network and for identifying profitable areas. Future revenues can be estimated by comparing current and historical revenues. Technicians also benefit from it in monitoring and solving trouble reports, which contain details regarding individual service history.

The emerging trends driving the global GIS in telecom sector market were the increasing applications in broadcasting, rising adoption for mobile devices, emerging use in satellite imagery and broadcasting, conveyed the research.

The broadcasting industry is undergoing a change from analog to digital terrestrial television (DTTV). DTTV is popular for its high picture quality at comparatively lower operating costs. Owing to high demand and ease of transition, conversion is fast, especially in regions of Europe. By 2016, the industry is likely to complete the transition.

Also an increase in cell phone usage and demand for cell phones receiving TV signals is emerging, which can be met via DTTV. DDTV will implement GIS as it enables the operators to design coverage area.

GIS software such as GiraPlan made by Progira enable optimized usage of frequencies and estimate field strengths across multiple terrestrial conditions.

Also increasing usage of cell phones has led to a market for technologies that can be accessed on mobile devices. With GIS solution vendors making the application to be accessed through mobile computing devices and smartphones for their users. This has helped end-users access GIS data with the help of a mobile device. Also GIS solutions and applications are used in multiple mobile computing devices and smartphones for commercial enterprises.

GIS solution when inputted with geographical information or spatial content can be used to prepare ready-to-use maps that are critical for decision making. If the financial factor related to the collection of information, has to be overcome, satellite imagery technology is an optimal solution currently in use by numerous Governments. Satellite imagery also provides data in different models as required by users, which will implement the GIS solution further.

Another research recently added that the government and natural resources sectors are highly dependent on GIS for disaster management. GIS provides geographical information useful to detect areas prone to disasters. Any changes or deviations in the typical information will lead to an inspection by experts.