Rural wireless subscriber base and top operators in India in Q3

Rural wireless subscriber base Q3
India has 498.28 million rural wireless subscribers. India’s urban wireless subscriber base is 684.77 million during the third quarter of 2017, accordng to TRAI.

India has urban teledensity of 168.20 against rural teledensity of 56.31.

The number of urban Internet subscribers is 299.83 million against rural Internet subscriber base of 129.41 million. Total Internet subscribers per 100 population is 33.22. Urban Internet subscribers per 100 population is 73.65 against rural Internet subscribers per 100 population of 14.62.

Himachal Pradesh service area has the highest Rural Tele-density of 116.83 followed by Tamil Nadu service area (95.90). Bihar service area continues to have the lowest Rural Tele-density of 40.48.

Idea Cellular continues to remain the service provider with highest proportion of rural subscribers (54.85 percent), followed by Vodafone (54.78 percent) to their total subscribers.

Bharti Airtel has 141.99 million wireless subscribers in rural India against Vodafone India’s 113.74  million, Idea Cellular’s 104.29 million, Reliance Jio’s 34.62 million, BSNL’s 34.03 million, Aircel’s 31.59 million,  Reliance Communications’ 15.12 million, Telenor’s13.22 million and Tata Docomo’s 8.85 million.

Andhra Pradesh has 11.10 million Internet users in rural areas against 4.58 million in Assam, 10.89 million in Bihar, 22.98 million in Delhi, 7.42 million in Gujarat, 3.08 million in Haryana, 2 million in Himachal Pradesh,  1.77 million in Jammu & Kashmir, 6.35 million in Karnataka, 6.98 million in Kerala, 1.31 million in Kolkata, 5.78 million in Madhya Pradesh, 11.31 million in Maharashtra, 0.60 million in Mumbai, 2.29 million in North East, 4.51 million in Orissa, 4.16 million in Punjab, 7.81 million in Rajasthan, 8.57 million in Tamil Nadu, 12.71 million in Uttar Pradesh (East), 6.59 million in Uttar Pradesh (West) and 8.87 million in West Bengal.

Andhra Pradesh has a rural Internet penetration of 17.23 against 16.60 in Assam, 9.02 in Bihar, 93.86 in Delhi, 19.90 in Gujarat, 17.41 in Haryana, 31.56 in Himachal Pradesh, 19.57 in Jammu & Kashmir, 16.57 in Karnataka, 25.89 in Kerala, 7.54 in Madhya Pradesh, 18.79 in Maharashtra, 0.60 in Mumbai, 21.72 in North East, 12.80 in Orissa, 23.96 in Punjab, 13.84 in Rajasthan and 30.94 in Tamil Nadu.