Samsung leads smartphone memory market with 49% share

The smartphone memory market clocked revenue of $11.4 billion in Q1 2021, according to the latest research report from Strategy Analytics.
Smartphone Memory Market share Q1 2021Samsung Memory led the smartphone memory market with 49 percent (DRAM & NAND) followed by SK Hynix and Micron in Q1 2021.

Samsung Memory , SK Hynix and Micron captured more than 80 percent revenue share in the global smartphone memory market in Q1 2021.

NAND Market

The smartphone NAND flash market increased 18 percent in revenues driven by the adoption of UFS NAND flash chips, especially in mid and high-tier devices.

Samsung Memory claimed the top spot with a revenue share of 42 percent followed by SK Hynix with 20 percent and Kioxia with 19 percent share in the smartphone NAND market in Q1 2021.

DRAM Market

The smartphone DRAM memory chip revenue achieved revenue growth of 21 percent due to the rise in new 5G device launches by smartphone customers.

Samsung Memory led in terms of market share, capturing a revenue share of 54 percent followed by SK Hynix and Micron each having 25 percent and 20 percent respectively in the smartphone DRAM market in Q1 2021.

“The recovery in the smartphone end-market resulted in customer orders for memory vendors who shipped high-density memory chips to some of the key smartphone models,” Jeffrey Mathews, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics said.

Samsung Memory, SK Hynix and Micron all gained share aided by the shipment of high capacity Multi Chip Package (MCP) based memory solutions. UFS Multi Chip Package (uMCP) unit share reached nearly 30 percent driven by the shipment 128GB NAND and 6GB DRAM memory configurations.

Memory vendors are expected to cater to the 5G demand with the introduction of high capacity UFS 3.1 and LPDDR5 Multi Chip Package memory solutions.

“The ongoing non-memory component shortages could dampen the memory market prospects,” said Stephen Entwistle, Vice President of the Strategy Analytics Strategic Technologies Practice.