Samsung Memory leads in smartphone NAND and DRAM markets

The global smartphone memory market registered a total chip revenue of $9.4 billion in Q1 2020, according to Strategy Analytics report.
Smartphone NAND market share Q1 2020Samsung Memory, SK Hynix and Micron captured almost 84 percent revenue share in the global smartphone memory market in Q1 2020.

Samsung Memory maintained its lead in the smartphone memory market with 50 percent revenue share in Q1 2020, followed by SK Hynix and Micron.

NAND Market

The smartphone NAND flash chip revenue grew 4 percent driven by price stabilization and higher capacity flash demand in Q1 2020.

Samsung Memory has revenue share of 44 percent smartphone NAND flash chip market.

Samsung Memory achieved traction for its UFS 3.0 Flash and LPDDR5 DRAM memory chips and managed design wins with leading smartphone OEMs in Q1 2020, said Jeffrey Mathews, analyst at Strategy Analytics.

Kioxia has 21 percent share in smartphone NAND flash chip market.

SK Hynix has 16 percent share in smartphone NAND flash chip market.

DRAM Market

The DRAM market revenue for smartphones declined 4 percent due to the seasonality and demand shift to other categories.
Smartphone DRAM Market Share Q1 2020Samsung Memory has a revenue share of 55 percent in smartphone DRAM market.

SK Hynix has share of 25 percent in the smartphone DRAM market.

Micron has 19 percent share in the smartphone DRAM market in Q1 2020.

The global smartphone memory market will be challenged by the fall in smartphone memory demand on the back of COVID-19 pandemic disruptions on global smartphone production.

The demand for high density memory chips featuring UFS 3.0 and LPDDR5 remains upbeat among smartphone OEMs, Stuart Robinson, executive director of the Strategy Analytics Handset Component Technologies service at Strategy Analytics, said.