Samsung regains second place beating Vivo in Q3 in India: Canalys

Smartphone business in India posted 8 percent growth to 50 million units in Q3 2020, says the latest Canalys report.
Smartphone business growth India Q3 2020
This is an all-time record for smartphone shipments in a single quarter in India.

Xiaomi remained the market leader in Indian smartphone market, growing 9 percent to ship 13.1 million units.

Samsung has regained second place from Vivo, with 10.2 million units, registering 7 percent growth.

Samsung’s product portfolio and pricing strategy in the low-end paid off.

Vivo stood third, growing 19 percent to ship 8.8 million smartphones.

Realme shipped 8.7 million smartphones.

Oppo shipped 6.1 million smartphones.
Samsung, Xiaomi share in India smartphone business Q3 2020Apple regained momentum in India in Q3, with double-digit growth to nearly 800 thousand units.

“Apple is finally paying attention to India,” said Canalys Research Director Rushabh Doshi. Apple has opened a direct online store, giving it several new angles in its go-to-market strategy, such as utilizing device trade-ins to provide purchase incentives, or bundling AirPods with iPhones to make them more appealing.

Apple’s iPhone 12 will face challenging conditions in India, as network operators do not yet have the infrastructure for 5G deployment.

Canalys Analyst Adwait Mardikar said: “Ongoing sales at Amazon and Flipkart are a clear indication that despite the economic downturn, India’s penchant for a good smartphone, and a good bargain, remains intact.”

Canalys Analyst Varun Kannan said Chinese smartphone makers grabbed 74 percent of total smartphone shipments in Q3 despite India-China tensions.