Semiconductor industry posts sales of $412.2 bn in 2017

Semiconductor revenue 2017
The global semiconductor industry posted annual sales of $412.2 billion (+21.6 percent) in 2017. The semiconductor market has seen global sales of $38 billion (+22.5 percent) in December 2017. Semiconductor sales in Q4 2017 were $114 billion (+22.5 percent).

Memory was the largest semiconductor category with $124 billion (+61.5 percent) sale in 2017. Within the memory category, sales of DRAM products increased 76.8 percent and sales of NAND flash products increased 47.5 percent.

Logic at $102.2 billion and micro-ICs at $63.9 billion – that includes microprocessors – rounded out the top three product categories in terms of total sales.

Other fast-growing product categories in 2017 included rectifiers (18.3 percent), diodes (16.4 percent), and sensors and actuators (16.2 percent). Even without sales of memory products, sales of all other products combined increased by nearly 10 percent in 2017.

Americas with 35 percent, China with 22.2 percent, Europe with 17.1 percent, Asia Pacific / All Other with 16.4 percent, and Japan with 13.3 percent were the main semiconductor markets in 2017.