Server technology cos in Q4 2016, reveals IDC

IDC chart on server market share in Q4 2016
HPE, Dell Technologies, IBM, Lenovo and Cisco are the top five server technology companies in the world in Q4 2016.

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IDC said server market revenue fell 4.6 percent to $14.6 billion in Q4 2016 due to slowdown in hyperscale datacenter growth and drop in high-end server sales, said IDC.

Server shipments dipped 3.5 percent to 2.55 million units.

Volume server revenue decreased 3.3 percent to $11.2 billion, while midrange server revenue fell 6.1 percent to $1.4 billion.

High-end sever revenue declined 10.7 percent to $2 billion. IDC expects continued long-term secular declines in high-end system revenue.

“Some public cloud datacenter deployments are being delayed and there are indications that overall levels of deployment and refresh may slow down even through the long term as hyperscalers continue to evaluate their hardware provisioning criteria,” said Kuba Stolarski, research director, Computing Platforms at IDC.

IDC said enterprises are struggling to decide whether to deploy workloads on premises or off, and continue to consolidate existing workloads on fewer servers.

Server market share

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has retained the # 1 spot in the server market with 23.6 percent share in revenue despite revenue decreasing 12.2 percent to $3.5 billion.
Server market revenue in Q4 2016 chart by IDCDell Technologies has revenue market share of 17.6 percent as revenue increased 0.1 percent to $2.6 billion.

IBM regained its third spot, controlling 12.3 percent of the market even while vendor revenue declined 17.1 percent.

Lenovo has 6.5 percent share in server market.

Cisco has 6.3 percent server revenue share.

Lenovo’s server revenue fell 16.7 percent to $947 million.

Cisco’s sever declined 1.3 percent to $916 million.

Dell Technologies has 20.9 percent share in units.

HPE has 20.4 percent server unit share.

“Other than Dell, which remained relatively flat, all top worldwide vendors experienced global revenue declines year over year,” said Lloyd Cohen, research director, Computing Platforms at IDC.

Huawei, ranked number six, grew 73.6 percent.

HPE led the x86 server market with 26.5 percent revenue share though HPE posted 13 percent drop in x86 revenue.

Dell Technologies secured 21.1 percent x86 server revenue share following a 0.1 percent revenue increase.

Dell Technologies has 21 percent share in x86 server, while HPE has 20.5 percent.