Switch market share of Cisco further drops in Q2 2018

Research agency IDC has revealed the market share of top switch vendors for the second quarter of 2018.
ethernet switch revenue market share Q2 2018
Cisco is the leader in the global switch market. Cisco has 50.1 percent share in the worldwide switch market. Huawei, the second largest supplier, has 10 percent share in the switch market.

Arista Networks with 6.6 percent, HPE with 6.5 percent and Juniper with 3.8 percent are the other leading suppliers of Ethernet switches based on their revenue share for the second quarter of 2018.

Cisco’s Ethernet switch revenue fell 3.9 percent reaching market share of 50.1 percent. Cisco lost share in 25Gb/50Gb/100Gb segment to 34.6 percent from the 41.2 percent.

Huawei’s Ethernet switch revenue grew 24.1 percent for a market share of 10 percent from 8.5 percent.

Baburajan K