Telecoms to invest $1.7 trillion as Capex in networks during 2014-2020

Telecom service providers globally will invest $1.7 trillion in mobile network infrastructure during 2014-2020 and main focus will be 4G LTE networks, said GSMA.

4G accounts for 5 percent of mobile connections at present. 4G penetration as a percentage of connections is 69 percent in South Korea, 46 percent in Japan and 40 percent in the US, but 4G penetration in the developing world stands at 2 percent.



The GSMA report called Understanding 5G: Perspectives on Future Technological Advancements in Mobile does not talk about investment in 5G. According to industry stakeholders, 5G will become a reality by 2020.

Anne Bouverot, director general, GSMA, said: “5G is still to be standardized by the industry and it has not been fully agreed what 5G will look like or what it will enable. GSMA is collaborating with telecom operators, vendors, governments and other industry organizations in ensuring that the future 5G standard is both technically and economically viable.”

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