Telecoms service revenue to grow 1.9% in 2022: IDC

The latest IDC report indicated that spending on telecommunications and pay TV services will grow 1.9 percent to nearly $1,591 billion in 2022.
IDC report on telecom service revenue 2022Telecoms operators have started to increase the tariffs for their services in the wake of inflationary pressures that have started to threaten their profitability.

IDC said telecoms service revenue growth was 0.3 percentage points in the Americas, 0.5 percentage points in Asia Pacific, and 0.9 percentage points in EMEA.

Telecoms service revenue in 2022 will touch $586 billion (+1.26 percent) in Americas, $516 billion (+2.3 percent) in Asia Pacific and $489 billion (+2.3 percent) in EMEA.
Gartner report on communication service spending
Gartner earlier indicated that Communications Services spending will be 1,435.4 billion (–1.7 percent) in 2022 and $1,469.22 billion (+2.2 percent) in 2023.