Top countries based on broadband speed

Top countries based on broadband speed in Q4 2015
Average broadband speed increased 23 percent year on year and 8.6 percent quarter on quarter to 5.6 Mbps in Q4 2015, said Akamai Technologies in its Fourth Quarter, 2015 State of the Internet Report.

Top 10 countries — based on broadband speed — are South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Latvia, Switzerland, Finland and Denmark.

Top 10 countries — based on peak broadband speed — are Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macao, Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Taiwan, Qatar and Romania.

The average broadband speed in South Korea rose 20 percent to 26.7 Mbps over the fourth quarter of 2014.

The global peak broadband speed increased 21 percent year on year and 1 percent quarter on quarter to 32.5 Mbps in the fourth quarter.

Peak broadband speed rose 10 percent in South Korea to 95.3 Mbps and 13 percent in Macao to 83.1 Mbps.

Each of the top 10 countries/regions saw double-digit growth in 25 Mbps broadband adoption except for Hong Kong (15 percent), which posted a 9.8 percent change quarter-over-quarter. Norway (21 percent) and Denmark (15 percent) saw the greatest yearly gains at 165 percent and 188 percent, respectively.

United Kingdom had the fastest average mobile speed at 26.8 Mbps, with Spain in second place at 14.0 Mbps.

Iran had the lowest average mobile connection speed, at 1.3 Mbps, followed by Vietnam with an average connection speed of 1.8 Mbps.

“This quarter’s report shows great growth in connection speeds and broadband adoption,” said David Belson, editor of the State of the Internet Report. “This is particularly important as consumer expectations rise and many high-profile events, like the summer games in Rio, will be streamed this year.”

Baburajan Kizhakedath
[email protected]