ZTE increases optical networking share to 28% in 2014

Telecom network supplier ZTE has increased its market share in optical networking products to 28 percent in 2014 globally, higher than any other vendor from Asia Pacific, said Ovum.

ZTE was the world’s fastest-growing optical networking vendor.

The shipments of ZTE 100G OTN (optical transport network) products exceeded 10,000 sets. More than 150 commercial networks globally — with combined line-lengths of more than 100,000 km – have deployed ZTE’s 100G OTN products.

PCCW, China Mobile, T-Mobile Austria, Telkom Indonesia, Telefonica Peru, China Telecom, China Unicom and CERNET are among customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas that have deployed ZTE’s OTN products in their 4G LTE, wireline broadband and data centre networks.

In November 2014, ZTE set the world record for using only EDFA to transmit 16×1Tbps signals in full configuration at all C band for 3,500 km in the acceptance test of 863 Project. In March 2014, ZTE achieved a long-distance transmission for 3,600 km in single-mode fibers.

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