Airspan selects Azimuth ACE MX MIMO channel emulator for 4G testing

Azimuth Systems, a provider of comprehensive real world wireless test solutions for 2G/3G/4G, LTE-Advanced and beyond, announced that Airspan Networks, a 4G technology for WiMAX and LTE networks and infrastructure, has selected Azimuth’s ACE MX channel emulator for testing of
its popular infrastructure products.

Airspan’s System Integration team will use the ACE MX channel emulator for TX and RX testing of its Air4G family of 4G broadband wireless infrastructure products, including its LTE eNodeB base station, particularly for MIMO performance and interoperability of LTE base stations with user devices including USB modems and mobile handsets.

“At Airspan, we develop our comprehensive portfolios of products and solutions for the wireless industry with the future in mind. This is why Azimuth Systems is an ideal partner to meet our channel emulation needs,” said Gilad Dekel, System Integration group manager, Airspan.

Azimuth Systems is paving the way for the future of wireless testing. As Airspan expands and evolve its 4G test capabilities, the ACE MX, with its ease-of-use, automation, and bi-directional MIMO support, will play a role in Airspan continuing to deliver best in class products such as Air4G.

The ACE MX wireless channel emulator replicates real-world channel conditions in a controllable and repeatable fashion through the use of sophisticated channel models and multiple programmable parameters, enabling mobile infrastructure, chip set and device vendors, operators and test labs to test devices in real-world conditions while minimizing the time and expense of testing in the field.

A purpose-built, enhanced testing solution, the ACE MX wireless channel emulator is architected to meet the demanding needs of Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) and orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)-based systems for testing LTE and other advanced wireless
infrastructure equipment and devices, and also includes all of the backwards-compatible channel emulation features to test 2G/3G cellular products.

“Airspan is a company at the forefront in developing new wireless standards and we look forward to having an ongoing relationship,” said Jim Iuliano, president and CEO at Azimuth Systems.

Azimuth’s test solutions, which include Azimuth’s ACE MX MIMO channel emulator as well as Field-to-Lab and over-the-air (OTA) test solutions, are crucial to the success of validation, performance and interoperability testing.

Azimuth’s goal is to provide its customers a reliable means to test 4G infrastructure and devices in a repeatable and cost-effective way, ultimately enabling improved product quality and reducing time-to-market.

Azimuth’s Director II management software, along with the ACE MX MIMO channel emulator’s inherent bi-directional capability, makes testing network performance and real-world interoperability between a base station and user device efficient and easy to achieve.

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