Anritsu brings industry’s first 4×4 MIMO 256QAM testing software

Anritsu has introduced the industry’s first 4×4 MIMO 256QAM measurement software supporting all DL 3CC CA band combinations.

The testing company said combining two MT8821C units supports unrestricted DL 3CC CA 4×4 MIMO 256QAM measurements and settings for all CC bands and bandwidth configurations

The increase in rich-content services, such as mobile video on demand, is driving deployment of the faster LTE-Advanced technology by network operators worldwide.

The key technologies for increasing the speed of LTE-Advanced are carrier aggregation, which aggregates several component carriers into one, and MIMO, which uses multiple antennas for communications.

Anritsu has developed the industry’s first 4×4 MIMO*1 256QAM evaluation function supporting all 3CC CA*2 band combinations and strengthening the functions of its Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C.

The new release ensures that tests of LTE-Advanced DL 3CC CA 4×4 MIMO 256QAM mobiles are supported with no restrictions on frequency and signal bandwidth combinations. The testing and measurement company is offering the software update from October 26.

Anritsu said the MT8821C comes with built-in LTE-Advanced RF TRx test base station emulation functions. It also already supports all DL 2CC CA 4×4 MIMO and DL 3CC CA standards. Combining two MT8821C units with this firmware update adds support for evaluating 4×4 MIMO 256QAM RF Rx*3 performance for all DL 3CC CA band combinations.

Anritsu launched its DL 4×4 MIMO measurement software in March 2016 and supports evaluation of LTE-Advanced DL 2CC CA 4×4 MIMO terminals with its MT8821C.

The MT8821C outputs up to 8 independent signals but by synchronizing two MT8821C units using this newly developed software, up to 12 signals can be output for 4×4 MIMO 256QAM measurements, supporting all DL 3CC CA band combinations.

Anritsu has earned the 2016 Global Product Line Strategy Award — Manufacturing Test Software for IoT from Frost & Sullivan.

Frost & Sullivan said that newly released software packages from Anritsu uniquely position the company’s Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A as an all-in-one instrument with unmatched solutions that support a wide range of wireless technologies to conduct high-volume production tests on IoT devices.

“Anritsu is committed to satisfying a wide variety of test requirements for emerging markets, including IoT,” said Paul Innis, vice president and general manager of Anritsu Company.

Frost & Sullivan stated that Anritsu enjoys a prominent position in the global wireless manufacturing test and measurement equipment market, capitalizing on its software packages supporting manufacturing tests for IoT devices.

MX887032A/MV887032A software package is suitable for connected car wireless communications applications supporting 802.11p RF tests for the 700 MHz and 5.9 GHz frequencies. It has the capability to support a fully automated environment for tests of IoT device chipsets.

“Anritsu is well positioned to address the needs of several new IoT applications in a wide range of vertical industries. The company’s refined software package with extensive expertise in the test and measurement market enables end users to optimize throughput and reduce OpexX,” said Mariano Kimbara, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.