Anritsu brings new ME7848A opto-electronic network analyzer

Anritsu Company announced the launch of the ME7848A Opto-electronic Network Analyzer (ONA) system.
Anritsu India modular opto-electronic network analyzer system
The latest ME7848A Opto-electronic Network Analyzer (ONA) system from Anritsu comes with the VectorStar vector network analyzer (VNA) with an O/E calibration detector and E/O converters.

Engineers can conduct cost-effective E/O, O/E and O/O measurements on optical devices operating at 850 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm. The ME7848A provides better flexibility and the ability to customize the system with their own devices.

The ME7848A modular system provides engineers with the ability to design optimal opto-electronic solutions and speed time-to-market by improving first-time yields. The VectorStar VNA operates up to 40 GHz and 70 GHz. The solution consists of the MN4765B O/E calibration module detector and MN4775A E/O modulator.

Engineers can adapt the system for different wavelengths with the addition of the appropriate O/E calibration module or E/O converter. Engineers can reconfigure the VNA for different wavelengths through calibration with the MN4765B, eliminating the need for additional VNAs to accommodate various wavelengths.

Anritsu, a leading test and measurement company, said that the ME7848A ONA is suited for R&D and production of opto-electronic components used in optical network data transfer systems.