Rohde & Schwarz launches certified partner program to address network issues

Telecom tower testingTest and measurement company, Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing has launched certified partner program to address network challenges.

Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing (MNT)’s certified partner program will address complexity that mobile network operators face when testing a network.

Rohde & Schwarz MNT and/or its certified partners can offer network operators better targeted services and mobile network testing expertise.

The testing and benchmarking of mobile networks is becoming too complex due to technological advancements in telecommunication segment, including rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT). Introduction of smartphones with more capabilities and new apps and demand of subscribers for better customer experiences are also the reasons for complexity in testing of network.

There is pressure on mobile network operators to reduce Capex and Opex in order to sustain in the telecom business.

“The knowledge accumulated through close collaboration with certified partners, also in terms of R&D, enables us and our certified partners to offer operators more specialized and better targeted solutions to tackle complex network testing questions,” said Hanspeter Bobst, vice president of Rohde & Schwarz MNT.

“Continuous knowledge transfer ensures consolidated expertise and consequently lets operators reach more comprehensive conclusions about their network in less time and with fewer costs,” Hanspeter Bobst said.

Certified partners of Rohde & Schwarz MNT are involved in the development process and have early access to new products and features.

Rohde & Schwarz said that these insights, combined with the knowledge transfer, reduce the time to market for new testing solutions – assisting certified network testing partners and mobile operators to adopt new technologies first.