CASE STUDY: GuruAid selects LogMeIn as technology partner for Remote-Assist support service

GuruAid, a tech support division of Lester Inc. that
offers an array of services, like data management, inbound and outbound
customer service options, web chat and email response services has selected
LogMeIn as its technology partner for its  Remote-Assist support service.

Headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, GuruAid helps
consumers and hundreds of small businesses across United States, Canada, United
Kingdom and Australia tackle their IT infrastructure problems on a day to day
basis with its next generation IT Help-Desk support service.

The main reason behind the selection of LogMeIn was the
need of uninterrupted assistance by a technology partner for GuruAid
Remote-Assist support service.

On the selection of LogMeIn, Ravi Arora, business
development and head of Digital Marketing, Lester Inc said, We have found that
employees who are using LogMeIn have enhanced productivity, which in turn has
positively impacted -the quality of customer service.”

He added, LogMeIn, owing to its features like high level
of security, scalability, its ability to support myriad of platforms including
Windows, Mac OS, plus iOS, and chat, was the unanimous choice for GuruAid,”
said Ravi Arora, Business Development and head of Digital Marketing, Lester

LogMeIn provided GuruAid with its Rescue solution for the
remote assistance. With LogMeIn Rescue, IT teams of GuruAid are able to
keep customers and employees up and running without the need for pre-installed

LogMeIn Rescue allow IT teams to use a single remote
support tool to service PCs, Macs or smartphones on demand anywhere, 24/7, as
if you were sitting in front of them.

According to Arora, the most beneficial aspect of Rescue
is its ability to equip the technician with its three most utilitarian
components: Technician Console, Customer Applet, and Administration Center.

The Technician Console has enabled their technicians in
having multiple simultaneous active remote assistance sessions with shared
global queue; while the interactive chat feature in Customer Applet has
immensely helped the technicians in understanding the customer’s problems.

Rescue’s Administration Center has helped the
administrators in creating support channels and has enabled them to view
technician performance reports and customer satisfaction levels reports at one
go. Also Rescue’s Administration Center in particular has truly helped them in
analyzing, monitoring and improving the technicians call resolution statistics.

We’ve estimated that Rescue, with all these features,
has contributed towards increasing our technician productivity two fold, as
compared to their performance when we first started in November 2010,” Arora

From virus removal to adding an email account, GuruAid
with its Remote-Assist support provides hands-on, expert support to any kind of
computer related problem. GuruAid’s 120 technicians working across 3 shifts
-24/ 7 use a private labeled service to provide Remote-Assist support to all
its customers. Be it the most challenging or the simplest of the computer
problems, GuruAid with its private labeled Remote-Assist support service
tackles the problems with the same efficiency and ease.


Danish Khan
[email protected]