Case Study: Verizon enterprise cloud powers Mossi & Ghisolfi to deliver critical business applications

When global chemical engineering company Mossi &    Ghisolfi (M&G) needed an IT infrastructure that would drive agility and innovation across the company’s expanding operations while supporting its green goals, it chose a cloud-based solution developed and deployed by Verizon and Deloitte.

M&G, which relies on its global communications network to link manufacturing and R&D
facilities in Europe, North and South America, had already begun to reinvent how its technology could deliver better business outcomes. The company had outsourced key IT resources, viewing the role of its internal IT team primarily as driving and supporting change.  Following additional growth, however, M&G realized that further and more radical change was required.

M&G turned to an enterprise cloud solution, delivered by Deloitte and Verizon, as the foundation for its new business IT environment. Verizon’s enterprise-class cloud platform
now supports the delivery of key business applications, including SAP business intelligence, enterprise resource planning and enterprise application integration, to 550 key users around the globe.  The robust and secure platform can be scaled on demand according to M&G’s immediate business needs. A strategic group of partners, led by Verizon and Deloitte, manages the network, enabling M&G’s own IT organisation to indeed focus its attention on strategic business programs.

The streamlined yet flexible business infrastructure provided by Verizon and Deloitte enables easy access to business-critical applications all around the globe as well as the addition of new Web sites.  The cloud-based solution, delivered through Verizon’s Terremark subsidiary, also helps drive cost and management efficiencies, including power consumption, linking to M&G’s green goals.

“Moving these business-critical applications to the cloud can be seen as a brave move, but
it is one that is already bringing benefit to our business,” said Marco Zanussi, CIO of M&G.

“We wanted to better align our technology to support our business goals. Positioning Verizon’s
enterprise cloud within the context of an experienced partner management ecosystem was an obvious choice. We now have a more scalable infrastructure that really does enable just-in-time delivery, and a cost model that reflects actual usage rather than peak traffic flow – and working much more efficiently, yet on a far broader scale.  In addition, the cost benefits are already quantifiable, with estimates that moving to the cloud will deliver a reduction of between 5 and 9 percent in power consumption by the end of this year.  We were looking for trusted third parties to help drive sustainable business innovation, and in Verizon and Deloitte, we have
found just that,” Zanussi added.

Verizon is a global leader in driving better business outcomes for enterprises and government agencies.  Verizon delivers integrated IT and communications solutions via its high-IQ global IP and mobility networks to enable businesses to securely access information, share content and communicate. Verizon is rapidly transforming to a cloud-based everything-as-a-service delivery model that will put the power of enterprise-class solutions within the reach of every business. Team
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