Taco Bell selects Comcast Business enterprise solutions


Internet from ComcastRestaurant chain Taco Bell has selected Comcast Business enterprise solutions to provide managed services, including guest Wi-Fi, at more than 6,200 Taco Bell company and franchise locations across the U.S.

Comcast Business will provide

# A new in-store Managed Wi-Fi network and Managed Router solution for each restaurant capable of 20 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps uploads minimum

# 4G business continuity at each location

# Redundant connections at each location – and to the network and corporate data centers – that creates an always-on infrastructure

# A distributed IPsec VPN network, providing the ability to collect and exchange massive amounts of data at very high speeds across Taco Bell locations

“Comcast Business understands the unique network demands of national restaurant chains and looks forward to supporting Taco Bell, one of the technology leaders of the fast food industry,” said Glenn Katz, VP & GM Enterprise Solutions at Comcast Business.

Comcast will support Taco Bell’s need to share corporate sales figures and trend statistics and distribute electronic marketing and training materials to franchisees. Fast food restaurants experience employee turnover rates greater than 100 percent, which makes on-demand access to training videos and interactive sessions for new employees critical.

Taco Bell selected Comcast Business Enterprise Solutions for its ability to support distributed enterprises with high-capacity and more importantly, highly-reliable communication and Managed Services.

Comcast Business’s Enterprise Services business unit targets Fortune 1000 companies and other large enterprises like Taco Bell that have multiple locations nationwide. Comcast offers managed enterprise solutions including Broadband, Ethernet, Voice, Router, Security, Business Continuity and Wi-Fi.