Job in telecom sector

Why telecom is the coldest job market now in India

The job market in the Indian telecom sector is almost cold because of significant job cuts and lack of increase in pay hikes. Employees in...
Aqua Comms

Aqua Comms to make more investment in submarine cable

Aqua Comms today announced plans for making more investment in submarine cable infrastructure. Aqua Comms, the operator of Ireland’s first dedicated subsea fibre-optic network interconnecting...
BharatNet phase 1 completion

India’s broadband project BharatNet completes phase 1

India Government said BharatNet has completed Phase-1 of the broadband project by connecting over 100,000 Gram Panchayats (GP) across the country. BharatNet network built under Phase 1...
T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile buys cable operator UPC Austria from Liberty Global for $2.2 bn

Liberty Global has sold its cable business UPC Austria to T-Mobile Austria for $2.2 billion due to tough competition from A1 Telekom Austria. The combined...

Comcast and AT&T announce fresh investment plan

Comcast and AT&T announced fresh investment in telecom infrastructure in the U.S. market based on the passage of tax reforms. “Comcast expects to spend more...
FCC rural broadband auction

FCC to start auction to expand rural broadband in America

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will start auction in 2018 to expand rural broadband in remote areas of America. FCC has identified the locations of nearly...
net neutrality campaign

FCC votes for net neutrality guidelines in a new package

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai and his team voted in favor of reversing FCC’s 2015 utility-style regulation of broadband Internet access service. Scrapping...
Nicola Palmer of Verizon

Verizon buys fiber-optic network in Chicago for $225 million 

Verizon Communications has completed the deal to buy fiber-optic network serving the Chicago market from WideOpenWest for $225 million. Verizon aims to accelerate the deployment...
Protest against new net neutrality

Why Ajit Pai is getting more support for new net neutrality guidelines

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai is expected to release the new net neutrality guidelines on November 14 for the U.S. The North American...
AT&T trials AirGig technology in Georgia

AT&T trials AirGig technology for gigabit internet over power lines

AT&T has started second trial of its Project AirGig technology aiming to deliver gigabit internet speed via a millimeter wave (mmWave) signal guided by...

Mojo Networks to roll out cloud infrastructure for WiFi

Mojo Networks announced the company’s plans to launch cloud infrastructure to tap clients for its WiFi initiatives. Enterprises can deploy Mojo cloud WiFi platform easily....
Deloitte's predictions on wireless homes

Highlights of Deloitte’s TMT predictions for 2018

Deloitte has released Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions for 2018. Paul Lee, partner, Global Head of Research and Duncan Stewart, director of research, TMT, have...

The Broadband Forum, NTT to transform operators’ PON networks

The Broadband Forum, in partnership with NTT, is working on an innovative project to standardize the virtualization of operators’ PON networks to support the...
Ofcom and broadband speed in UK

Highlights and impact of Net Neutrality recommendations by TRAI

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRA) headed by its chairman RS Sharma on 28 November released its recommendations on Net Neutrality. Interestingly, the Federal Communication...
Niek Jan van Damme Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom reveals new FTTH investment strategy

Deutsche Telekom announced its new strategy to pilot the fiber to the home (FTTH) network in smaller towns across in Germany. Deutsche Telekom is rolling...
BT and Huawei

Huawei and BT announce £25 mn research project at Cambridge University

Huawei and telecom operator BT Group announced a £25 million research group at the University of Cambridge to focus on projects relating to photonics,...



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