AT&T Internet Air for Business Promises Cost-Effective Service for Enterprises

AT&T, a leader in telecommunications services, has unveiled its latest innovation tailored specifically for businesses – AT&T Internet Air for Business.
AT&T Internet Air for BusinessAT&T Internet Air for Business – powered by its 5G network – addresses the connectivity needs of small, mid-size, and large enterprises.

AT&T Internet Air for Business emerges as a flexible solution designed to address a spectrum of business requirements. Whether businesses are expanding their reach, enhancing network diversity, or bolstering critical operations, this service ensures seamless connectivity with customers, suppliers, and employees alike.

Setting a new standard for convenience, AT&T Internet Air for Business can be deployed within minutes, eliminating the need for extensive installations or coordination with building management. With a plug-and-play design, businesses can swiftly establish a connection without the assistance of a technician.

This fixed wireless service from AT&T resolves challenges faced by businesses, offering a lifeline in scenarios where traditional wired connections fall short. It serves as a primary internet solution in areas lacking fiber infrastructure, facilitates connectivity in remote locales, and provides temporary access when required, AT&T said.

Additionally, it functions as a supplementary connection to distribute workload efficiently or as a backup option in the event of network disruptions. Available nationwide to qualifying business addresses, AT&T Internet Air for Business stands as a beacon of connectivity prowess.
AT&T ensures competitive pricing structures for businesses opting for this service. With transparent pricing and plans devoid of speed caps or overage charges, AT&T Internet Air for Business offers two distinct plans at attractive monthly rates.

The Standard plan is priced at $60 plus applicable fees, while the Premium plan, priced at $100 plus fees, grants enhanced priority for the initial 250GB of data usage during each billing cycle, particularly beneficial during peak network usage periods.

Moreover, businesses with eligible AT&T Business wireless plans can avail themselves of internet services for as low as $30 per month.

AT&T Internet Air for Business emerges as a cost-effective solution, empowering businesses to manage budgets effectively while sidestepping the complexities of traditional installations. Backed by a highly secure wireless network, this service instills confidence in businesses to support critical operations, such as point-of-sale transactions and cloud-based activities.

“Together, AT&T Business Fiber and AT&T Internet Air for Business enables more business locations across the nation and delivers the value and flexibility businesses need from a leading nationwide broadband connectivity provider,” Mike Troiano, Senior Vice President of Product and Pricing at AT&T Business, said.