CTERA Networks powers Orange’s storage service to SMBs in France

Telecom Lead Europe: France Telecom-Orange has selected CTERA Networks to power its new storage service to 1 million small business users in France.

CTERA Networks’ solution enables Orange customers to securely store, share and back up files using a cloud-enabled appliance that is installed locally at the customer premises and managed from Orange’s Le Cloud Pro portal without the need for on-site IT support.

Orange has tapped CTERA Networks as it started seeing demand for hybrid local/cloud storage solutions. In fact, Cloud-enabled storage and backup services represent revenue opportunity for telecom service providers.

Luc Bretones, vice president SMB Market, Orange, says its cloud applications and on-demand services are specifically tailored to the needs of SMBs and SOHOs.

Users receive a local storage appliance that automatically connects with single sign-on to their existing Le Cloud Pro account. The service provides backup and file sharing at local network speed, as well as remote web-based file access, and mobile collaboration on iOS and Android devices.

Herve Bourgeois, vice president, international sales, CTERAm says this initiative brings CTERA to millions of small businesses.


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