Airtel to empower African women through mobile solution

Telecom Lead Asia: Airtel Africa will set up a Farmer’s Information System to offer real time information to women farmers through its network in Africa.

As per an agreement with UN Women (The United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women), Airtel Africa will offer appropriate mobile solutions to support livelihoods and enhance their efficiency.

As part of the project, UN Women will identify farmers to be covered under this initiative.

Andre Beyers, CMO, Airtel Africa, says that farmer’s information system will enable women farmers to access real time information related to weather, changes to the policy environment (such as taxation and regulation) and other support services.

Moreover, Airtel — as per the two-year partnership — will also offer Internet protocol messaging services and closed user groups.

Women provide approximately 70 percent of agricultural labour and produce 90 percent of all food, yet do not always share equally in the economic benefits of the industry.

Airtel, which believes that entrepreneurship and the development of the private sector are essential to achieving economic development and poverty eradication, will co-finance initiatives and projects promoting the empowerment of women and the girl child.

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