EXFO to buy Astellia to enhance monitoring and analytics capabilities

EXFO LTB-1-FTB-1750_1
EXFO announced its deal to acquire 33.1 percent equity stake in Astellia for €8.6 million and will make an open offer to increase the stake.

The acquisition strategy of EXFO is to become a world leader in the global network monitoring and analytics sector and target growth opportunities such as network virtualization, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The enterprise value of Astellia will be €25.9 million.

Astellia founders Christian Queffelec, Frederic Vergine, Julien Lecoeuvre and Emmanuel Audousset and Isatis Capital will sell their shares in Astellia to EXFO.

“This investment in Astellia is in line with our strategy to increase our critical mass and our client base, and to expand our addressable market in the global analytics and service assurance industry,” said Germain Lamonde, executive chairman of EXFO.