Agilent and Datang Telecom set up TD-LTE research lab to develop wireless technology in China

Agilent Technologies and Datang Telecom Group announced that they have
established the TD-LTE-Advanced Joint Research Lab.

TD-LTE-Advanced is a follow-on phase for the current TD-LTE (4G)
standard. The joint research lab will focus on developing new technologies and
test standards to promote TD-LTE-Advanced technologies.

As the initiator of the TD-SCDMA international 3G mobile communication
standard, the owner of core patents and a leader in the telecom equipment
market, Datang Telecom has been playing a key role in the creation and global
deployment of TD-SCDMA and TD LTE-Advanced.

The new lab is the second project created by the two firms. Engineers
from both organizations will work together to develop TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE and
TD-LTE-Advanced solutions. The work will support Datang Telecom‘s research on technologies, systems and chipsets, as well as Agilent’s instrument
test technologies.

In March 2009, Agilent and Datang signed an
agreement to collaborate on TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE-Advanced, and related technologies
and standards development. The goal of the collaboration was to further the
deployment of the TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE-Advanced standards in China with the intent
to significantly impact future wireless technologies.

“Agilent has made significant investments in TD-LTE-Advanced test
solutions to support its deployment in China,” said Ron Nersesian, president of
Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group.

“This continued joint research will allow our firms to work closely to
further the development of the next generation of wireless technologies in
China, our second largest market,” Nersesian added.

“We are very excited to be able to work closely with Agilent and participate
in this leading-edge technology research to support the development of
TD-LTE-Advanced. We expect to improve our innovative capacities, management
efficiency and technological skills by deepening this international cooperation
in technology development. Our successful strategic cooperation with Agilent
expands TD-LTE-Advanced global market opportunities for the next generation
wireless technologies,” said Shanzhi CHEN, vice president and chief engineer of
Datang Telecom Group.

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