Airspan Networks completes trials for 4G broadband network operation in TV White Space spectrum



Airspan Networks, a provider of broadband wireless access networks,
announced the trials for 4G broadband network operation in TV White Space
spectrum in the United States, United Kingdom and Finland are completed


“Our TV White Space trials have been very successful. We have
reached Super-Fast Broadband data rates of >20 Mbps in a 7 MHz channel and
our equipment operates in relay mode to maintain higher capacity over long
distances,” said Paul Senior, chief technical officer for Airspan.


A global trend is developing where countries are granting spectrum freed
up by the migration from analog to digital television, for the purposes of
commercial broadband connectivity. The spectrum referred to as TV White Space
generally falls in the 450 to 800 MHz frequency range in large blocks.


Broadband service providers and utility companies can benefit from this
emerging spectrum availability by utilizing it to deliver broadband in
underserved areas, smart grid solutions and other wide area M2M applications in
remote areas.


Airspan has conducted successful white space trials in the UHF block of frequencies in U.S., UK and
Finland with equipment that is ideal for the TV White Space spectrum due to
some inherent features, including:


Support for network topologies suited to delivering wireless coverage in
areas a long distance from an internet POP, Advanced Carrier Grade Quality of
Service (QoS).


MIMO and smart antenna technology optimized for delivering high
bandwidth over long range non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments, Power levels
meet regulations set to protect TV transmission and sharing of bandwidth,
integrated backhaul for extended long-range operation.


Rapidly deployable form factor, low installation cost and reduced
operational expenses, Low power consumption — enables self-sustaining remote
site using solar/wind power and Mature WiMAX technology with seamless migration
to LTE.


Airspan equipment operating in these low frequency bands enables
carriers to provide long-range fixed broadband connections. The technology has
the ability to penetrate obstacles such as trees and buildings. The field
trials included extensive antenna testing to ensure the TV White Space solution
optimizes MIMO operation.


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