CommScope releases GeoLENs MLC 10.3 for LTE Networks

Telecom Lead India: CommScope, a provider of
infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has expanded its GeoLENs
portfolio with the release of new software called GeoLENs Mobile Location
Center (MLC) 10.3.


The new MLC 10.3 gives wireless operators the ability to
accurately locate mobile devices connected to LTE networks. Also, it enables
more opportunities for carriers’ revenue growth through LBS.


As operators migrate to higher-bandwidth LTE technology,
they remain committed to providing subscribers with the same kinds of
location-based services (LBS) that proved successful in 2G and 3G domains. With
our latest GeoLENs upgrade, there’s now a seamless, cost-effective way to add
LTE location capability to an existing 2G/3G deployment and immediately extend
current LBS offerings in an LTE environment,” said John Baker, senior vice
president of Network Solutions, CommScope.


For mobile subscribers, the company said that the launch
of new software represents a new era of personalized services, while offering
mobile carriers fresh opportunities for driving revenue as LTE network
deployments continue to increase.


According to information compiled by 4G Americas,
there were 79 LTE networks in service in 41 countries as of early May, with
more than 40 additional commercial LTE launches planned for the remainder of


The company added that its GeoLENs MLC 10.3 will support
what steady upward trajectory for mobile LBS.


GeoLENs MLC supports combinations of handset-based,
network-based and hybrid location technologies.


When queried for a location, it automatically selects the
optimum available locating method based on the specific request, device and
sub-network capabilities.


The company said that GeoLENs MLC 10.3 allows seamless
upgrade of any existing CommScope location solution with no new hardware and is
non-service affecting.


CommScope software to assist telecom operators to locate
devices connected to LTE networks


Recently, CommScope said its GeoLENs Mobile Location
Center (MLC) 10.3 is giving wireless operators the ability to accurately locate
mobile devices connected to LTE networks.


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