ETNO study finds gap between RoI for telecoms and Big Tech

ETNO (European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association) in a study noted that there is a large gap between the returns on investment for telecoms operators in Europe and those for Big Tech.
Kazakhstan mobile networkThere is an acute discrepancy between the returns on investment in European telecoms infrastructure and the returns on investment of the largest services that run over this infrastructure, ETNO said.

Telecoms operators shoulder the investment burden for internet access, while tech companies benefit the most in terms of new value creation.

The European Union risks missing its target to connect all European households to a gigabit network by 2030, underscoring the need for more investments, according to a study commissioned by telecoms lobbying group ETNO.

The study by Analysys Mason comes as the bloc considers the possibility of getting Alphabet’s Google, Meta,, Netflix, Apple and Microsoft to bear some of the network costs.

Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, Telecom Italia and their peers say this should be seen as a fair share contribution from the six content providers which account for more than half of data internet traffic.

Big Tech sees it as an internet traffic tax at odds with EU net neutrality rules treating all users equally, saying that they also invest in their own content delivery networks.

Total telecom investment in Europe peaked at 56.3 billion euros in 2021, the highest since 2016, but still lagged behind other regions, the report said.

“Europe continues to trail its peers worldwide in terms of telecoms investment. Investment per capita adjusted to GDP was 104 euros in Europe in 2021 compared with 260 euros in Japan, 150 euros in the United States and 110 euros in China,” the study said.