Gunnison Telephone selects Actelis to deploy Broadband Accelerator

Telecom Lead America: Gunnison Telephone Company, a
provider of telecommunication services, has tied up with broadband solutions
provider Actelis to deploy Broadband Accelerator (BBA).

The deployment is likely to assist Gunnison to cost
effectively meet the broadband needs of Gunnison’s residential and business
customers. With the Actelis BBA, Gunnison has been able to more than triple the
amount of bandwidth available, and in some cases, deliver broadband service
where none was previously available.

One particular Gunnison customer wanted to remotely
monitor its plant and assets with a CCTV camera system but was prevented
because the available bandwidth did not support streaming video. With the
Actelis BBA installed, the bandwidth available allows the customer to remotely
monitor and, therefore, better protect and manage its assets.

“We continually look to provide an enhanced
broadband experience for all of our customers, including capabilities like
video surveillance. Deploying fiber to provide this type of service was not
financially viable. But with the Actelis BBA, we were able to meet the
customer’s needs quickly and cost effectively,” said Scott Bartholemew of

Actelis claims that its BBA increases the reach of ADSL
services by more than 50 percent, including boosting rates by as much as 100
percent on typical loops and more than 400 percent on longer loops. The Actelis
BBA is also extremely easy to install, taking Gunnison about 10 minutes to
install each one and start delivering greater bandwidth to customers over the
existing copper network.

Actelis’ customer support team played a key role in
helping us get up and running quickly. Actelis’ responsiveness has been superb,
helping us get from concept to implementation rapidly.

“We are very pleased that Actelis’ BBA has enabled
Gunnison to economically and rapidly provide not just more bandwidth, but a
complete broadband solution for its valued customers. The growing recognition
that carriers must and can do more with their existing infrastructure is
accelerating success of Actelis’ entire portfolio of broadband solutions,”
said Vivek Ragavan, president and CEO of Actelis.

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