Intwine Energy showcases multiple device interoperability at Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum

Intwine Energy announced the Intwine Energy Wi-Fi Connected Thermostat, and Power Strip have demonstrated interoperability with three energy service interfaces (ESIs) while at the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum hosted by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Intwine, a Wi-Fi Alliance member and one of the first companies to introduce Wi-Fi connected smart energy products to market, has developed 100 percent of the SEP 2.0 (smart energy profile) code used in its products that have proven seamless communication with the three ESIs at the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum.

The value of using a standards-based approach through the integration of SEP 2.0 and Wi-Fi enables utilities to seamlessly connect and manage various smart energy devices.

During the demo a third party ESI initiates a demand respond event command for a temperature setback on the thermostat and a load shed signal to the power strip.

The thermostat display then shows a reduced power meter reading. Once the event ends, the thermostats and power strips resume their original positions.

“We have developed an end- to-end solution from the smart energy devices to the applications on our servers that offer seamless interoperability. Being one of the first companies to offer a variety of solutions for both utilities and retail customers enables us a unique opportunity to address this growing market potential,” said Dave Martin, CEO, Intwine Energy.

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