Majority of IPTV service providers will support multi-screen viewing

Most service providers are moving beyond basic video
offerings and are now providing consumers with highly-integrated and portable
on-demand viewing experiences, according to Infonetics.

What’s more interesting is that the survey says that by
2012, 63 percent of IPTV service providers plan to support multi-screen viewing
across PCs, tablets, and smartphones.


This is a real recognition by service providers of what’s
happening in homes across the planet that families are voraciously and
simultaneously consuming streamed HD video on devices other than the
traditional set-top box/TV couple.


Viewing habits are certainly changing. Teenagers have
been hooked to their laptops for a while, socializing and interacting, so
viewing live content is a natural next step. And certainly, new slick portable
screens such as the iPad are driving the revolution further.


Consumers are going to step up and buy these new Telco
services if, and only if the service providers bring with them a wireless home
network that’s completely transparent to users, and that streams video
perfectly to every platform in the home.


Any serious IPTV service provider has to offer
video-grade Wi-Fi that guarantees quality of service (QoS) for wireless HD
streaming of content to innumerable devices in the home, including stationary
devices like set-top boxes, as well as all the portable devices laptops,
tablets, PMPs, and so on.

It’s good to see the service providers understand how
we’re all consuming video at home. Now they just all need to take that last
step of making sure we all have a wireless home network that supports today’s
video lifestyle.



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