Mobile world congress: Kindsight launches mobile security platform


By Telecom Lead Team: Kindsight, a provider of
network-based security and analytics solutions, has launched Kindsight Mobile
Security to provide protection for mobile networks and devices at Mobile
World Congress 2012.


The new solution allows mobile operators to offer a
value-added security service that more fully protects their subscribers, while
giving them the opportunity to increase revenues and reduce churn.


The Kindsight Mobile Security combines network-based
malware detection with a mobile device security app that scans for malicious
software before it can be installed.


The new mobile solution is built on the Kindsight
Security Services solution, which combines the company’s Network Intrusion
Detection System (NIDS-8800) and Alert Reporting Cluster (ARC) platforms with a
lightweight and easy-to-use Mobile Security App to provide complete protection.


The new solution analyzes both mobile Internet traffic
and scans the device for malware and can detect threats both in the network and
on the device to quickly alert the subscriber of the threat and to help them
remove the malicious app.


“Last quarter, our Security Labs measured
a 400 percent increase in Android malware, so it’s obvious that a
mobile security offering is needed,” said Brendan Ziolo, VP, Marketing,


The company said that mobile operators are in a unique
position to leverage their network and offer a client and network-based
security solution to their subscribers.


As a value-added service, mobile operators can generate
new and recurring revenue through this mobile security service by offering it
for a monthly fee, bundling it to upsell other services, or at no-cost through
relevant advertising.


Last year, Kindsight antered into a strategic partnership with PlumChoice to help consumers better
protect home networks with tools and services to prevent online identity theft.


Under the partnership, PlumChoice, both companies are
working with service providers to offer a suite of security and protection
services for home Internet users.


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