Nepal Telecom’s WiMAX based Internet to offer up to 27 MBPS speed

Telecom Lead Asia: Despite significant reduction in roll out of WiMAX networks globally, Nepal Telecom will be introducing high-speed broadband Internet service based on WiMAX technology.

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WiMAX technology will enable Nepal Telecom customers to benefit from Internet speed of up to 27 MBPS.

The state-run Nepal Telecom is looking at launching the broadband services on WiMAX by November 9.

In March 2012, the Internet penetration rate in Nepal country has nearly doubled to 15.75 percent. The growth is supported mainly by the increased number of subscribers of the general packet radio service (GPRS) mobile Internet and ADSL data service.

The number of data subscribers (majority of them using mobile Internet) has increased to 4.19 million in March this year from 2.26 million in March last year.

For the WiMAX-run broadband services, Nepal Telecom has signed an agreement worth $10 million with a US company for supplying equipment and to develop infrastructure for the project.

The telecom operator has proposed Rs 650 for a package of 5 GB internet. Likewise, the operator has proposed a package of 30 GB internet can cost up to Rs 2,700.

The operator has installed the equipments in 46 points in the Kathmandu valley and surrounding areas in the first phase.

Nepal Telecom is planning to launch the service in Kathmandu Valley in the first phase. It plans to expand the service to Bhairahawa, Pokhara and their surrounding VDCs in the second phase. The operator has also started installing the equipments in Bhairahawa and Pokhara.

The mobile service provider is planning to implement the project under two phases. In the first phase, it is building a network that covers 1,923 VDCs and 24 municipalities in western Nepal. In the second phase the service will be made available in 2,092 VDCs and 34 municipalities in eastern Nepal.

Nepal Telecom is focusing mainly on the data segment that will have a minimum bandwidth of 256 kbps downlink and uplink. The service provider is also setting up 1,500 hotspots for WiMAX in urban areas especially in public places like hospital, parks, apartments and others.

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