Netadmin Systems open access exchange platform to cut broadband Not-Spots

Netadmin Systems announced that its platform enables ISPs to manage their
services and subscribers across multiple access networks. It will be deployed
for the first time in the UK and is set to bring next generation broadband to
the Not-Spots.


The Service Exchange Platform (SEP) which aggregates open access networks, will
enable any independent network to be responsible for its own administration,
operation and IT infrastructure without them becoming complex and inefficient.


Netadmin Systems is working on the
first roll-out of this solution in the UK with Independent Systems Integrator
& Managed Services partner Magdalene, and business internet provider
Fluidata. The three companies are partnering on the first deployment which is
set to be unveiled later in September.


Rural broadband is being held back by the fact that ISPs currently have to
create a unique integration separately to each access network and respective support system. This results
in large operational expenses and potentially low quality service fulfilment
and assurance processes. In many cases this precludes commercial viability,”
said Matthias Trygg, CEO of Netadmin Systems.


The Service Exchange Platform provides a single interface so that services and
subscribers in multiple external access networks can be managed simply and
effectively.  This will enable efficient service delivery even in smaller
local networks, providing services to not-spots, and increasing market reach
for service providers.


The pioneering technology aggregates open access networks and will
revolutionise the availability of high-speed broadband access in rural
locations, providing unprecedented choice for customers.


By combining the real world experience of Magdalene in building last mile
networks with an integrated v OSS/BSS stack and Fluidata’s wholesale platform
we have a compelling case to work
with any provider or network to deliver access to multiple ISPs. By delivering
choice to consumers we are ensuring competition at the service layer which
helps to drive innovation in high speed service availability,” said Loic
Flageul, Magdalene.


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