Orange network Capex grows focusing on 4G and FTTH

Orange Group CEO Stephane Richard has revealed the telecom operator’s country-specific Capex during 2019.
Orange revenue in 2019Orange Group revenue grew 0.6 percent in 2019 — driven by the strong momentum in Africa & Middle East. Revenue of Orange rose 1.1 percent in the fourth quarter, growing from 0.8 percent in the previous quarter.

Orange Group revenue dropped 0.3 percent in France and dipped 1.5 percent in Spain in 2019 due to market’s shift towards low cost.

Orange generated revenues of 7.1 billion euros (+3.9 percent) from Convergence, 10.5 billion euros (+0.9 percent) in mobile services, 9.5 billion euros (–2.9 percent) from fixed services, 3 billion euros (+7.1 percent) from IT and integration services and 7.9 billion euros (–0.1 percent) from services to carriers in 2019.

Orange Money, with a base of 18.2 million active customers at the end of 2019, grew 20.1 percent in one year.

Orange Group Capex

Orange Group Capex rose 0.6 percent to 7,293 billion euros, including the effect of sharing the mobile network with Vodafone in Spain.

Orange had 10.8 million (+3.4 percent) convergent customers, 207.2 million (+3 percent) mobile customers, 20.7 million (+2.7 percent) fixed broadband customers, reflecting the acceleration of FTTH (Fibre to the Home) network deployment, notably in France.

Orange has 7.3 million fiber customers in Europe, adding 745,000 in France, 239,000 in France and 47,000 in Poland.

Orange’s 4G has more than 23.8 million (+42.6 percent) customers in in Africa & Middle East by the end of 2019.

Orange had 39.5 million households connectable to high-speed fixed broadband, a growth of 38 percent in France, 7.8 percent in Spain, and 24.6 percent in Poland.

Orange has achieved 4G population coverage of more than 99 percent in France, Belgium and Poland, at least 95 percent in other European countries and 4G network coverage across 15 countries in Africa & Middle East.

Orange France’s Capex increased 10.9 percent to 4,052 million euros in 2019. Orange France said its fiber deployments reached 4.5 million additional connectable households compared to 2.7 million additional households in 2018.

Orange Spain’s Capex fell 24 percent in 2019, due primarily to a deceleration in the pace of FTTH deployment. Orange Spain said its FTTH reached 14.9 million lines. Orange Spain also disposed over 1,000 non-strategic mobile sites.

The annual Capex of Orange was 869 million euros (–1.7 percent) in Europe, 987 million euros (–2 percent) in Africa and Middle East and 404 million euros (+10.3 percent) in the Enterprise business.