Quantenna Unveils 802.11n 4×4 MIMO chipset for HD Video

Quantenna Communications, a developer of silicon for high-speed, 802.11n, wireless high definition (HD) video whole-home networking, announced a family of carrier-grade 4×4 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) Wi-Fi home-networking chipsets that delivers up to four simultaneous spatial streams with wire-like quality.

Quantenna’s QHS7xx  family of Full-11n chipsets delivers up to 600 Mbps of bandwidth in a cost-optimized fourth-generation solution that enables the development and deployment of retail products and carrier services for delivering IPTV and other Internet-based video streaming and data distribution services over an ultra-reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connection.

Quantenna new QHS7xx family enables gateways, routers, video bridges and other products to transmit concurrent multiple 1080p-resolution high-definition (HD) video streams and standard-definition (SD) streams to multiple televisions, with whole-home coverage, over a single wireless home network.

The family enables home networks to deliver the full range of services and applications including multi-room digital video recording (DVR) and video streaming services without requiring users to run cabling through the residence, and with a seamless and secure self-installation process.
Quantenna is enabling the wireless video revolution by giving users a single solution both for standard data networking and for whole-home, carrier-quality HD video streaming and distribution,” said Dr. Sam Heidari, interim chief executive officer and vice president of Research and Development for Quantenna.

Our QHS7xx chipset family continues to prove its superiority in rigorous testing by the industry’s leading OEMs, who are using it to deliver the best possible video entertainment experience on any screen in any room — from the largest TVs, to displays used for video gaming with the most rigorous performance requirements,” Heidari added.

Quantenna’s QHS7xx family includes the QHS715 chipset for demanding, high-bandwidth HD video entertainment applications, and the QHS710 solution, which is designed for cost-sensitive, mainstream IPTV deployments.

In addition to using 4×4 MIMO and both explicit and implicit digital transmit beamforming technology to deliver superior performance, Quantenna’s unique architecture improves reliability by maximizing the signal-to-noise integrity of each spatial stream using advanced algorithms and modulation techniques. Quantenna 4×4 MIMO technology also enhances coverage when connecting to non-4×4 MIMO clients, such as iPads or 2×2 and 3×3 MIMO clients found in laptops.

By TelecomLead.com Team
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