Ruckus Wireless launches new products in India

Ruckus Wireless, a provider of Wi-Fi equipment, announced
the launch of new products and technology in India to address critical
scalability and reliability issues faced by enterprise.



The company introduced its newest ZoneDirector 5000 Wi-Fi
controller and a collection of advanced features in a new version of its
ZoneFlex Smart/OS software. The new ZoneDirector 5000 (ZD5000) Wi-Fi controller
delivers reliable and secure high-speed wireless access for up to 20,000
clients distributed across multiple locations.



As the growth of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices continues
at an unprecedented rate, the demand for wireless capacity and speed is driving
organizations to offer more reliable, high-speed wireless services within dense
user environments, such as shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, sports stadiums,
airport terminals and any large public venues. The new ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi
system adds essential hardware and software capabilities to scale, simplify and
secure large Wi-Fi networks.



Given the unstoppable move to mobile Internet devices
and applications, dealing with user density and scalability is quickly becoming
a point of contention for enterprises and service providers,” said Selina Lo,
president and CEO of Ruckus Wireless.



Ruckus is tackling this problem by combining patented
adaptive antenna technology that enables more consistent performance and client
connectivity with a powerful new hardware platform and software enhancements
that take away the complexity historically associated with managing large-scale
Wi-Fi infrastructure,” Lo added.




The ZoneDirector 5000 is the industry’s first Smart Wi-Fi
controller-based system that can be flexibly deployed according to the
requirement of the organizations, supporting up to 20,000 clients, 1,000 access
points (APs) and 2048 wireless LANs (WLANs) within a single, easy-to-use and
highly resilient platform.



Our new ZD5000 WLAN controller has raised the industry
bar for scalable wireless LAN systems,” said Sudarshan Boosupalli, general
manager of Ruckus Wireless India,



Our adaptive antenna technology has been chosen by many
leading enterprises in India to run multimedia applications and provide
extended coverage. Our ZoneFlex dual-band 802.11n APs can now connect up to 256
concurrent Wi-Fi devices – making our ZoneFlex smart Wi-Fi systems the ideal
platform for high-capacity, dense user environments where reliable Wi-Fi
services and extended coverage are essential,” Boosupalli added.



Ruckus ZoneFlex smart Wi-Fi systems have been widely
deployed by major enterprises and service providers throughout India such as
Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Seven Hills Hospital, Lovely
Professional University, NIIT University, Thapar University, Tikona Digital
Networks, Leonia Resorts, JW Marriott Bangalore and many more.



Ruckus has over 150 authorized channel partners in India, and established strategic
partnership with four distributors – iValue InfoSolutions, Telexcell, VNPL and
Zen Exim. According to Gartner’s Q2 2011 market report, Ruckus was the fastest
growing player among the top 5 Wi-Fi suppliers worldwide – grew 82.4 percent
from Q2 2010 to Q2 2011.



In addition to the ZD5000 platform, Ruckus has introduced
a new version of its award-winning ZoneFlex Smart/OS software system (version
9.2) for all of its Smart WLAN controllers with important enhancements
including IPv6 support, AP groups for bulk configuration and WLAN
administration, remote packet capture, automatic proxy configuration, and
configurable timeouts.

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