SES satellite increases technical reach in Germany

Global satellite operator SES announced that satellite
has further increased its technical reach in Germany, its largest single
market, according to Satellite Monitor, a study that SES ASTRA conducts on a
European scale every year.


Around 17.1 million German households watch television
directly via satellite (Direct-to-Home), a gain of 430,000 households in the
first six months of the year. The number of digital satellite households rose
to 14.5 million, representing a digitalization rate of 85 percent and leaving
2.5 million analogue satellite households to be converted to digital reception
until the analogue switch-off date end of April next year.


Cable has decreased its reach, now transmitting to 17.9
million homes, 260,000 less than half a year before. The digitalization rate of
cable infrastructures is 43 per cent. Digital terrestrial TV lost 300,000
households and now reaches 1.7 million homes.


In Germany, SES ASTRA conducts these studies every six
months in partnership with the regional regulatory authorities
(Landesmedienanstalten) and through the market research institute TNS


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