Stratos completes deployment of StratosMAX II broadband in Gulf of Mexico

Stratos, a global provider of mobile and fixed-site remote communications solutions, announced it has completed deployment of its new StratosMAX II broadband service for W&T Offshore, at 29 sites in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). W&T is an independent oil and gas company based in Houston.

The WiMAX-based StratosMAX II provides reliable voice communications, high-speed (up to 10Mbps) Internet connectivity, Stratos HotSpot WiFi service and a wide range of mobile applications. For W&T, StratosMAX II is powering numerous applications, including procurement, recording production and preventative maintenance.

Stratos also is providing W&T  with an auto-failover VSAT service to ensure 100 percent service
continuity to those StratosMAX II sites. The failover service protects against
momentary outages on last-mile connections.

The Stratos microwave backbone network carries StratosMAX II traffic to shore. With its redundant beach crossings, survivable ring architecture and on-land fiber optic distribution, the offshore microwave network provides very high reliability in the harsh GoM environment.

“The StratosMAX II advantages of higher speeds and ultra-low latencies over a robust network enable our customers to achieve maximum functionality at the same price they were paying for traditional VSAT service. This economic flexibility will enable customers to expand their networks to include corporate video conferencing, telemedicine and other bandwidth-intensive applications,” said Gerbrand Schalkwijk, vice president, Global Enterprise Sales, Stratos.

“This deployment for W&T demonstrates our dedication to providing energy companies with customized solutions that
maximize flexibility, scalability and crew welfare in the most rugged environments,” Schalkwijk added.

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