Swisscom Capex focus on mobile network quality and coverage

Swisscom reported that it made an investment of CHF 1.083 billion (+0.7 percent) in the first half of the year, focusing on the mobile network quality, coverage and performance of the network infrastructure in Switzerland.
Swisscom 5G networkSwisscom connected over 4.6 million or 86 percent of homes and businesses in Switzerland to its ultra-fast broadband service (speeds in excess of 80 Mbps) at the end of June 2021. Over 3.6 million or 68 percent of homes and offices benefit from fast connections with bandwidths exceeding 200 Mbps. Of these, more than 1.8 million have been upgraded to FTTH.

Swisscom intends to make ultra-fast broadband available in every Swiss municipality by the end of 2021, even in remote locations. By the end of 2025, FTTH fibre-optic coverage is set to increase to up to 60 percent.

Swisscom came out on top in numerous mobile network tests in the first half of 2021 thanks to its Capex in telecom network. Swisscom covered 99 percent of the Swiss population with its 4G LTE network at the end of June 2021. Swisscom supplies 98 percent of the Swiss population with a basic version of 5G. Swisscom had 1,558 antennas in 693 locations with full 5G+.

Swisscom Group revenue rose by 2.6 percent to CHF 5,583 million. In the Swiss core business, revenue increased slightly by 0.5 percent to CHF 4,103 million as a result of the IT solutions business with business customers and a higher number of smartphones sold.