Warid Telecom launches 4G LTE Broadband Wingle

Warid Telecom has launched its 4G LTE Broadband Wingle – offering LTE internet with up to 150Mbps speed.

Warid’s Wingle supports up to 10 users simultaneously. Warid Telecom 4G subscribers can control Warid’s Wingle via smartphone. It has functions such as plugging in a car charger, laptop USB port or directly to a power outlet using an adaptor.

Warid Telecom offers 4G LTE Broadband Wingle

Warid is also offering 4G LTE MiFi, a portable and rechargeable device that can transmit Wi-Fi signals from the 4G LTE MiFi.
The telecom service provider said its subscribers can double their data packages on purchase of 4G LTE Wingle and Mifi devices for first three months.

The price of Warid Wingle is PKR 2500 and users can opt for a price plan ranging from PKR 1,500 to PKR 3000 per month, each offering two shared connections and options for data usage. Customers have the option of getting the device for free along with 60GB data month for 3 months for PKR 5,999.

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