XO Communications selects Sprint to offer 4G services to enterprises

Sprint Wholesale Solutions announced an agreement with XO
Communications, a provider of advanced communications solutions for businesses
and service providers.



The deal includes Sprint’s Wholesale Mobile Integration
(WMI) services to converge wireline and wireless services into one conjoined
solution. Pricing and provisions are also included in the deal that would
enable XO Communications to deploy 4G products and services for its small- and
medium-sized business (SMB) customers.



XO Communications will leverage Sprint’s WMI services and
wireless network to offer businesses multiple mobile wireless communications
services, including a groundbreaking fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solution.



The XO FMC solution will enable businesses to take
advantage of fixed mobile convergence and their increasing deployment of VoIP,
SIP trunking and in-building WiFi networks to deliver greater productivity,
reduced mobile call costs and improved communications for employees.



As a future capability of the XO solution, calls made
from mobile phones within a customer’s premise will be connected via WiFi
access points and will be routed over existing wireline network infrastructure.
Outside the office the mobile device will work like a regular mobile phone,
enjoying ubiquitous coverage through the Sprint wireless network.
XO Communications expects to launch the service commercially in mid-2012.



“Sprint will help XO Communications eliminate the
line between wireline and wireless to efficiently deliver on both, allowing
their customers to reduce costs and increase productivity and reliability. We
are enabling improved business flexibility and worker mobility,” said Matt
Carter, president-Sprint Wholesale Solutions and New Ventures.



Sprint WMI enables its telecommunications service
provider customers such as XO Communications to integrate their wireline and
wireless voice networks into one converged solution for business customers by
extending PBX or VoIP features to the wireless handset. Sprint’s WMI provides
communication companies the ability to deliver a simplified, effective and
seamless communications experience for SMB employees.



Main features of Sprint’s WMI include single-number
calling to reach both an employee’s desk and mobile phone, seamless call
transfers between the two devices, and one integrated voicemail platform to
improve employee productivity and deliver efficient communication options; all
while providing a consistent user experience, independent of an individual’s
location or communication device.



Sprint’s WMI also extends a broad range of business desk
phone features to an end-user’s mobile device like abbreviated (four-digit)
extension dialing, call center applications, selective call
acceptance/rejection, and more.



“This capability will further differentiate XO
Communications in the market as one of the only providers to offer a very
unique fixed mobile convergence offering for our customers that simplifies the
management of their wireless and wireline communications needs,” said Don
MacNeil, chief marketing officer for XO Communications.



Sprint recently announced it has amended
important contracts with Mobilitie to help enable the delivery of
next-generation networks through Sprint’s Network Vision plan.



The agreement involves several hundred of Sprint’s
existing nationwide cell sites with Mobilitie and includes opportunities to
expand the current relationship via build-to-suit solutions.



By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]