ZTE’s CPT for LTE networks promises more than 20% improvement in accuracy

Telecom Lead Asia: ZTE has launched its personal computer-based capacity planning tool (CPT) for LTE networks.

ZTE’s CPT offers a more than 20 percent improvement in accuracy and an efficiency advantage of more than 80 percent.

ZTE Booth (source: ipass)

Considered as the industry’s first CPT, the Chinese telecom equipment maker utilizes a new concept to overcome limitations in capacity planning technology.

Telecom operators will benefit as the tool provides a professional and systematic aid for building the highest-performance networks.

Moreover, the 3GPP protocol-based CPT is tailored for LTE networks, and incorporates four technology patents. With a set of system-modeling and simulation features developed in reference to data from real networks, the CPT provides operators with a competitive tool for commercial LTE network deployments.

“ZTE’s newly released CPT is based on an innovative concept, and provides a one-stop and flexible capacity planning capability, greatly reducing the difficulty of LTE network planning and improving our customers’ operating efficiency,” said Wang Shouchen, vice president of ZTE.

“The tool’s planning accuracy has vastly improved compared with traditional solutions. In the near future, ZTE will also launch other versions based on different network scenarios to meet the customer’s needs,” Shouchen added.

Till the third-quarter, ZTE has won 38 LTE commercial contracts, and is working with more than 100 operators in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Middle East on trial LTE networks.

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