3 Hong Kong develops 5G business solutions targeting industries

3 Hong Kong announced it developed 5G business solutions targeting four key industries to facilitate effective digital transformation.
3 Hong Kong 5G industry solutions
3 Hong Kong is targeting industries such as textile and clothing, construction, shopping mall management and performing arts organizations for its 5G business solutions.

A number of 3 Hong Kong’s customers have received the government’s Subsidy Scheme for Encouraging Early Deployment of 5G, with a total of over HK$3 million being granted to applications and some obtaining the subsidy cap.

3 Hong Kong provided Mandarin Enterprises, a company in textile and clothing industry, with 5G 4K Video Conferencing Solution which enables staff to show their high quality silk via a 4K quality video conference to customers and business partners all over the world.

Paul Y. Engineering Group, a construction company, used 5G BIM MR Solution for enabling viewing of 3D MR images as well as instant comparison and analysis of works on site to reduce time and cost of projects, significantly enhancing working efficiency.

Shopping malls leader Fortune REIT has adopted 3 Hong Kong’s 5G Smart Robotic Solution in +WOO shopping mall in Tin Shui Wai, which can provide customer services, emergency support and patrol services, etc.

Hong Kong Dance Company, a performing arts organization, can conduct online classes and live broadcast for performances leveraging 3 Hong Kong’s 5G 4K Broadcasting Solution.

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Carol Lok, chief property manager at +WOO, Fortune REIT

James Lee, chief executive officer of Paul Y. Engineering Group

Kenny Koo, chief executive officer of HTHKH

Estella Kwan, co-founder and managing director of Mandarin Enterprises (International) Company

David Tsui, executive director of Hong Kong Dance Company

Dennis Wong, corporate & international business director of Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong)