Deutsche Telekom Capex up 8.8% to 4.7 bn euros

Deutsche Telekom said its Capex, excluding expenses for mobile spectrum, rose 8.8 percent to 4.7 billion euros in the first quarter of 2022.
DT mobile network growth Q2 2022
Deutsche Telekom will be making an investment of 19.3 billion euros in networks during 2022 as compared with 17.7 billion euros in 2021. Deutsche Telekom indicated that there will be significant reduction in Capex in 2023.

Deutsche Telekom’s FTTH network with 1Gbps speed covered 10.8 million homes (+3.8 percent) in the first quarter from the 2021-end.

Deutsche Telekom’s FTTH network passed 51.1 million homes (+0.8 percent) in Europe and Germany.

Deutsche Telekom said T-Mobile US 5G Ultra Capacity covered 225 million PoPs (+7.1 percent). T-Mobile US 5G Extended Range covered 315 PoPs (+1.6 percent).

Deutsche Telekom’s 5G in Germany covered 92 percent (+0.5 percent) of PoPs.

Deutsche Telekom’s 5G in Europe covered 31 percent (+7.2 percent) of PoPs.

Deutsche Telekom’s first-quarter revenue increased by 6.2 percent to 28 billion euros.

Last month, Deutsche Telekom bought additional shares in T-Mobile US from SoftBank for $2.4 billion, raising its stake in the U.S. company to 48.4 percent.

T-Mobile, which accounts for three-fifths of group revenue, has been gaining subscribers following its merger with Sprint and as it rolls out its 5G service.

T-Mobile added 1.3 million customers who pay their bills monthly, lifting its subscriber base to 109.5 million customers.

Deutsche Telekom reported 54 million mobile customers in Germany and 45.6 million in rest of Europe.