Mobile 5G ARPU to dip to $17 from $29 in 2021: Juniper Research

The average revenue (ARPU) per 5G smartphone connection will drop to $17 globally by 2026 from $29 in 2021.
Frontier fiber coverageAutomating network orchestration tools is a key priority for operators in monetizing their 5G services. These tools allow operators to adapt network conditions based on AI analysis of traffic; providing more bandwidth to connections that need it, and maintaining service performance.

The number of 5G connections will reach 3.2 billion by 2026 against 310 million in 2021, Juniper Research said.

Over 60 percent of 5G connections will be located in the Asia Pacific region. Network orchestration technologies, alongside mmWave frequencies that enable data-intensive 5G services, will be a key driver in creating an ecosystem in Asia Pacific region that allows mobile subscribers to leverage 5G networks for emerging mobile services, whilst maintaining network performance.

“Mobile operators in China, Japan and South Korea have implemented lower subscription costs, which have accelerated 5G adoption, thus enabling these subscribers to explore novel services that require 5G connectivity,” Dave Bowie said.