Samsung, SK Telecom launch mmWave system for 5G

SK Telecom and first Tri-band LTE-A Service

SK Telecom today said it built a system to develop Millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology, one of the key enabling technologies for 5G, at the corporate R&D Center in its Bundang Building.

With the launch of the mmWave system, SK Telecom becomes the first telecom carrier in Korea to install 5G equipment in its building. Samsung Electronics assisted SK Telecom to complete the mmWave system.

The benefits of mmWave system are enhanced data transmission speeds; test, verify and improve wireless transmission performance between base station and handset; and review the possibility of applying mmWave technologies in the downtown areas.

mmWave technology uses 30GHz or higher frequency bands to deliver faster data transmission speeds. Mobile operators expect mmWave technologies that allow for the utilization of wide bandwidth in the higher frequency bands to help them open the 5G era earlier.

Alex Jinsung Choi, CTO and head of SK Telecom’s Corporate R&D Center, said: “SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics will further strengthen joint R&D efforts to lead the upcoming 5G era.”

Baburajan K