Which country leads in 5G download speed?

The Opensignal report  indicates which country leads in 5G user experience.
5G speed in 12 countriesOpensignal has analyzed the real-world 5G experience of 5G users across mobile operators in 12 countries globally, including Australia, the US and South Korea.

Opensignal developed a measure to understand mobile experience of 5G users, download speed experience of 5G users – measuring their average 5G and 4G download speeds as well as the time spent connected to each technology.

Globally, 5G users in Saudi Arabia have experienced the fastest average download speed with a download speed of 144.5 Mbps. 5G users in Canada are in second place with 90.4 Mbps.

5G users in South Korea ranked just third. 5G users in the UK have the slowest download speed with a score of 32.6 Mbps because the 4G experience greatly brings down the overall score.